Recommended Vendors


Music 1st
6807 W Main St, Frisco, TX 75034
(469) 362-7171
or call Shaun Gray at 940-372-1873

The Band Connection  (Allen)
On McDermott just east of Alma Dr., in Advantage Self-Storage
(closest Music Store to Fowler MS) 
1210 W. McDermott, Suite 105
Allen, TX. 75013
or call Billy Walker (214) 458-0492


Clarinets ONLY: Duo Music(Frisco) - Our preferred vendor for clarinets!
4913 Plantation Ln. Frisco, TX 75035 (Call first, no retail storefront)
Mia Song: Phone: 214-436-7459


On-Line Choices:
Tax-Free and some include free shipping. The negative aspect of online purchase is the lack of a repair contract and insurance a local music companies provide.
Muncy Winds                                  
Dillon Music Company (brass)          
Weiner Music Company (woodwinds)
Carolyn Nussbaum (Flutes ONLY)    
Lone Star Percussion (Percussion only)

If you find a good deal on a used instrument, great! Please let us check it for quality and for any needed repairs BEFORE purchasing. We can also help you with making a bid on the instrument (if negotiable). Craigslist is sometimes a good source because they are local; however, you must be careful. Let us help you on screening these ads for good deals -vs-scams. Purchasing from eBay is not recommended.

Please DO NOT purchase instruments from Sears, Target, Sam's Club, or from other countries not approved by an experienced band director!