Try an Instrument Reservations


We take all students in the band who wish to be in band, but you MUST first come try the band instruments to see which instrument is the best “fit” for your lips, teeth, and fingers.
We see only 10 students per half-hour by RESERVATION ONLY on EITHER:
Saturday, January 26th BETWEEN 8:30am-3:30pm OR
Wednesday, January 30th BETWEEN 4:30pm-8:00pm

Reservations are made on the half hour, but the screening will take an hour.
We have hired teachers to show you how to hold and play the instruments.

To make a reservation: PLEASE EMAIL MR. DUNHAM for a RESERVATION
Include in your email:
-Student’s First and Last Name
-Current Elementary School
-Specific Date and Time Slot you would like to come.

Note: This event is for students who will attend Fowler MS next year. If you will be attending Clark MS, Vandeventer MS, or any other middle school other than Fowler then you will need to contact those band programs about trying an instrument.

Saturday, January 26th
8:30am - XXXX (FULL)
9:00am - XXXX (FULL)
9:30am - XXXX (FULL)
10:00am - XXXX (FULL)
10:30am - XXXX (FULL)
11:00am - XXXX (FULL)

11:30am - XXXX (FULL)
12:00pm - XXXX (FULL)
12:30pm - XXXX (FULL)
1:00pm - OPEN
1:30pm - OPEN
2:00pm - XXXX (FULL)
2:30pm - XXXX (FULL)
3:00pm - XXXX (FULL)
3:30pm - OPEN

Wednesday, January 30th
4:30pm - XXXX (FULL)
5:00pm - OPEN
5:30pm - OPEN
6:00pm - OPEN
6:30pm - OPEN
7:00pm - OPEN
7:30pm - OPEN