Supplemental Private Lessons @ Fowler MS
Fowler MS Private Lesson Staff
COST- $18.00 per week (1/2 hour lesson)



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Phone #


Jenifer McKenzie

(972) 978-6375


Ashley Rollins

(615) 517-8287


Holly Hang

(940) 765-7137


Alllison Jadvani

(954) 802-6848


Todd Gentzel

(940) 594-8207


Jonna Griffith

(940) 395-3119


Seth Galtier

(985) 790-2639

French Horn

Stuart Womble

(931) 529-2353


Dr. Aaron Rader

(940) 435-8090


Tony Bianchetta

(940) 300-0071

Euphonium & Tuba

August Wenck

(940) 206-0808


Kolby Kelly

(682) 206-1601





 Private lessons are a VITAL ELEMENT in a studentís musical life. The opportunity to study privately with a professional musician is one of the most important factors to individual student success. These professionals provide detailed, specific, one-on-one instruction tailored for your child. Private lessons challenge the advanced students and accelerate students who need extra attention. Of the students who make the Texas All State Band, roughly 97% take private lessons!

Private Lessons are taught at Fowler Middle School either before, during, or after school depending on the teacherís schedule. Lessons are 30 mins per week at a cost of $18 per lesson. The student pays the teacher directly , in advance, either two weeks or a month. Due to our school class schedule, students taking lessons during the school day (band time) will only receive a 23 minutes lesson each week.
For these students, they will continue to be charged the same $ 18.00; as during class lessons are a convenience to parents who work. If you do not want to have a during class lesson, please let your teacher know that you would prefer a before or after school lesson.
Private Lessons A clear majority of our private teaching staff teachers are graduate students and/or degreed professional musicians who subsist solely from performing and teaching. Some of whom give of their time to drive from Denton (some as many as 3 times per week) to help us become great musicians! For a few of them, teaching at Fowler MS is their sole source of income. When a student forgets their lesson, does not show up, or is ill and does not notify the teacher, it negatively impacts these people. After the second unexcused absence (no-show), the private teachers have been authorized to charge a student for a missing lesson without proper notification (24 hours in advance). With proper notice, teachers can rearrange schedules and not lose money.

Private Lessons: Also, if you are not currently taking lessons, please consider doing so!!! You may contact one of the band directors to help explain the benefits of lessons. Remember, Private lessons are offered as an enrichment activity and are NOT REQUIRED, but please consider private lessons as an essential part of the band program.


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