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Fowler Falcon Beginning Band Annual Fundraiser

Greetings Band Parents:

The Falcon Beginning Band will begin its annual fundraiser in September.  Our students will be selling high quality, personalized items, such as writing pens, frames, key chains, and stainless travel mugs, plus their National Champions college logo line.  I-Mark is a DFW metro company, located in Irving, Texas.  Our Band has had greater success with this particular fundraiser than with any other program, primarily due to the quality of their products and their excellent prize program for the students.  These products make excellent Christmas gifts, and will be delivered before Thanksgiving. 

This is our only fundraiser of the school year!  It is critical for us to be successful, so that we can provide scholarships for needy students, professional clinicians to enhance your child's musical education, additional rewards, transportation, etc...  While FISD does an excellent job of providing funds for equipment (stands, chairs, instruments…) it does not provide enough funds for other vital components needed to provide the best band experience possible for our students.  It is important we have a successful fundraiser because these additional costs (clinicians, scholarships, awards, bus travel…) will be over $17,000 this coming year.



Attention Students and Parents:

            The Fowler Middle School Band is teaming up with USA Fundraisers to help raise money for our Band.  We would like to get all students and parents involved so that this one fundraiser can help raise enough money to cover all our costs.  With everyone’s participation we can make this happen!  We would like for each student to sell at least 14 items.



·   The sale starts Sept. 22nd and ends Oct. 5th. On Oct. 5th,all orders and money MUST be turned in to Mr. Dunham.

·     This is a pre-collect program.  All money must be collected when the order is placed.

·    Make checks payable to “Fowler MS Band” (no tax is collected).

·    Please do not turn in ANY CASH to the band. If a customer pays with cash, you can accept it, but
     then please write a personal check for the cash before you turn in your orders to the band.

·     After the orders are placed you should expect items back within 3 to 4 weeks.

·     All items are personalized with free laser engraving, they have a lifetime guarantee, lifetime ink refills and custom corporate logos can be put on any one item in the brochure (50 minimum).

·     You must sell 7 items to receive sample a pen for free.  If you sell 1-6 Pens then your pen is ½ price
($7.00). If you receive a sample pen, but do not sell at least 1 item, you must pay the full price of $14.00 for your pen.



Sell 7 Items or More:                           -        Win Model Pen Free


Sell 14 Items or More:                         -        Win Model Pen + Screaming Flying Monkey                


Sell 21 Items or More:                         -        Win all above + Rocket Launcher


Sell 28 Items or More:                          -        Win All above + Any item in brochure free


Sell 35 Items or More:                         -        Win All above + Falcon Band Hoodie


Top Seller wins $100

Biggest corporate logo order wins $50!


For On-Line Orders:            

You can sell pens to out-of-state relatives and friends!  

Their online purchases will be mailed directly to them.             

You will need this information:                   Campaign ID:  C2251

                                                    Password:  fowler (case sensitive)


Thank you, in advance, for your support and participation.  If you have any questions about this fundraiser, please contact Mr. Dunham (

On September 13th, a representative from I-Mark pens will be demonstrating the products to the students.  On that day, the students will complete a form to personalize their own sample pen.  Upon receiving the sample pen, it is theirs to keep.  The actual sale of items will be September 27th - October 11th. However, the following information will determine whether the student keeps the pen for FREE or whether the student PAY for their pen:
Students selling 7 items will receive their pen for FREE
Students selling 1 – 6 items will pay $7.00 for their pen
Students selling 0 items will pay $14.00 for their pen

Because this fundraiser involves students ordering their own personalized “sample”, a student must return the form below ONLY IF THEY DO NOT want to participate.  If you and your student decide not to participate in this fundraiser, but would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to the FMS Band, your child will receive prizes as well. (These students will actually receive the higher level prizes more quickly because every $7.00 donated = 1 item sold) 

Thank you, in advance, for your support and participation.  If you have any questions about this fundraiser, please contact Our Vice-President Lou Magana ( or Mr. Dunham (

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oMy student WILL NOT participate in the FMS Band fundraiser, but will bring a tax-deductible donation to go toward the 2007-2008 band operating expenses.

oMy student WILL NOT participate in the FMS Band fundraiser.

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