Music & Arts Company - Stores located in Allen & Frisco
Lone Star Percussion Instrument (Dallas, TX)  Percussion Only
Carolyn Nussbaum Music  Flutes ONLY

Music in Motion (
Dallas, TX) A national company selling music related gifts and awards.

Oboe Reeds - Order here!

Bassoon Reeds - Order here! $16.00

Got Braces? Hurt when you play?- Morgan Bumper is a company that sells a good braces guard 


Sheet Music:

Pender's Music Co. (Denton, TX) One of the largest music dealers in the world
Blank Staff Paper - Need a sheet of music writing paper? Click here, It's online & free!


Educational Websites

How to Use Your Metronome - Korg TM-50
Metronome Online
- Free Online Metronome!

Music Theory Racer - Great to test note names and even fingerings!

Music Theory Trainer - Free Website. Go to the middle "Trainer tab," and go "Note Trainer"
click on Settings for a different clef.

Virtual Keyboard - A Keyboard/Synthesizer/Piano on your computer!!

Percussion free videos and teaching techniques from Professionals!

Percussion "Percussive Arts Society" - Snare Drum rudiments - videos and teaching techniques

PERCUSSION - Vic Firth Note Naming Game

Music History websites
Ancient Music


Summer Camps:
CLICK HERE<--for all camps


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